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      Currently in her 17th year with Kanawha County, Sissonville Middle School Teacher Cassie Allara has long known she wanted to work with children. “I think I realized I wanted to be a teacher in the 4th grade, after the Challenger tragedy. I was amazed that Christa McAuliffe, a teacher, was able to go into space. She was doing amazing things with her profession and I wanted to be part of that… the teaching community and family.”

Member Spotlight: Debra O'Dell     After growing up in a family in which her mother, Becky Ellis, taught for KCS for 37 years, as well as an aunt and grandmother who were school cooks, Cassie has excelled at her chosen profession. Wearing many different hats including English Department Head, SMS Redhawk Newspaper Editor and Sponsor, and Textbook Selection and Adoption Committee member, Cassie has a proven dedication to education, and was recently honored as Kanawha County Secondary Principals’ 2015 Teacher of the Year. “My favorite thing about teaching is that ‘Aha!’ moment when you know a student understands something new,” Cassie said. “I love to see a student smile in my classroom.

     A long-time KCEA member, Cassie has been a delegate at the local and state level. “I am an active member, standing up for our profession.” she said. “It’s an important and beautiful thing we do, and unfortunately sometimes we are overlooked or underappreciated.

     Cassie knows the importance of public education, and her three boys attend Montrose Elementary. Cassie knows the value of membership as well, saying “It’s important for teachers to be a part of WVEA / KCEA… if there were no unions, WHO would look out for our best interests?“ Cassie realizes that KCEA always wants to do what is best for teachers, students and community. “They have a big heart,” she stated.









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